SHINDIG! ANNUAL - No.3 - tolles Buch

SHINDIG! ANNUAL  - No.3 - tolles Buch

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Art.Nr.: Shindig Annual No.3

Shindig Annual No.3 Hardback book with 96 groovy colour pages SHINDIG! ANNUAL No.3 This annual has some of the best features from out-of-print issues of Shindig! magazine plus two specially commissioned new pieces, exclusive to this publication: Brian Greene and Will Shade look at British pop journeyman and former Tales Of Justine frontman David Daltrey's 40-plus year career, whilst Daragh O'Halloran turns his attention to the events that shaped Ireland's late '60s underground psychedelic rock explosion via Eire Apparent, Andwella's Dream and The Orange Machine. If you're a new reader you'll find this bumper crop of top features an ideal introduction to Shindig! magazine. It's safe to say that anyone who's got this far knows our game and won't expect to read about The Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys or Dylan here. Oh no. Much as we love 'em, we'll leave it to other publications to keep representing their stories over and over. Instead feast your eyes on the likes of The Pretty Things, Alice Cooper, The Scaffold, Kevin Ayers, The Flamin' Groovies, The Strawbs, Procession, Fire and The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream. Eclectic enough? We think so. The almighty Shindig! Magazine is rounding up another year with the traditional best-of annual, which is good news for fans of hippies, acid, acid-rock, hippie-rock, glam-hippies and... well, you get the general idea. You can practically smell the incense sticks as untold stories of the psychedelic '60s unravel before your eyeballs. Of particular interest are the early days of Alice Cooper (as frontman for garage band The Spiders and The Nazz), and the tale of how hippie-rock evolved in Ireland. Article of the book for me, on the other hand, is the story behind the film Tonite Let's All Make Love In London, a still unreleased documentary about London in the '60s, shot by an unwilling director who frankly, couldn't stand the sight of hippies. Marvellous. Artrocker magazine Like Ugly Things in the US, Shindig!, the bi-monthly music mag, now entering its 17th year, flies its freak flag high: this third annual collates detailed pieces on Peter Whitehead's 1967 flick Tonite Let's All Make Love In London, Alexandra Palace happening the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream, the early years of Alice Cooper in The Spiders and The Nazz plus The Pretty Things's transition from gritty R&B band to experimental psych pioneers. MOJO scribe Kris Needs reminisces about going on tour with The Flamin' Groovies, Fire founders Dave Lambert and Bob Voice talk freakbeat and their 2007 reformation plus The Savage Pencil contributes an appropriate black and silver foil '60s psych styled cover." Mojo magazine THE PRETTY THINGS The Brit-rock legends' pioneering psychedelic adventures revisited THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES San Francisco ballrooms, hard rock, glam, powerpop classics… they did it all THE 14 HOUR TECHNICOLOR DREAM The British flower children's coming-out ball and how it changed British pop KEVIN AYERS Cult hero, counter-culture darling and quintessential English renaissance man ALICE COOPER Notorious shock-rocker's early garage years exposed THE SCAFFOLD The scouse avante-garde pop/comedy/poetry trio reappraised THE STRAWBS The early psychedelic days of the folk-pop stalwarts remembered FIRE Into the treacle toffee world of the Middlesex mod/psych heroes PROCESSION The Aussi psych-pop gods who came to London in search of success. GREEN BEAT The emergence of Irish rock and psychedelia in the mid-late '60s DAVID DALTREY From teenage psych-pop with Tales Of Justine to jazz and beyond

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