CREATION -Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes, CD

CREATION -Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes, CD

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Art.Nr.: ninety 33

The Creation were the epitome of Art-pop psychedelia. Through a series of singles produced by Shel Talmy (The Who/ The Kinks), they made some of the most distinctive and exciting records of the age. Tight riffs, memorable lyrics and guitar solos played with a violin bow, it is no wonder that the group influenced The Jam, Primal Scream and Creation Records founder Alan McGee amongst a host of others. The Edsel Classic Edition is presented in a mini replica Vinyl gatefold sleeve, featuring a unique black vinyl CD including grooves CD 01.Making Time 02.Try And Stop Me 03.Painter Man 04.Biff Bang Pow 05.If I Stay Too Long 06.Nightmares 07.I Am The Walker 08.Can I Join Your Band 09.Cool Jerk 10.Like A Rolling Stone 11.Hey Joe 12.Life Is Just Beginning 13.Through My Eyes 14.How Does It Feel To Feel (US Version) 15.How Does It Feel To Feel (UK Version) 16.Tom Tom 17.Midway Down 18.The Girls Are Naked 19.Bony Moronie 20.Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

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