GARLAND JEFFREYS - Paradise Theater, Boston '79, CD

GARLAND JEFFREYS - Paradise Theater, Boston '79, CD

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Garland Jeffreys, live at the Paradise Theater in Boston on October 28th 1979 Having played with John Cale and fronted his own band, Grinder's Switch, New York native Garland Jeffreys embarked on a solo career in 1973. Immediately striking critics with his candid lyrics and blend of rock, folk, reggae, blues and soul, he broke through with 1979's American Boy & Girl album. The set featured here was broadcast on WBCN 104.1 FM as he promoted the LP, and finds his voice and guitar backed by Robert Asis (lead guitar), Craig Jackson (bass) and Killer Burke (drums). It's presented here with background notes and images. TRACKLISTING 1. Reggae Rhapsody 2. American Boy & Girl 3. Rough & Ready 4. Radio IDs 5. I May Not Be Your Kind 6. City Kids 7. 35 Millimeter Dreams (Dedicated To Darrell Evans) 8. Mystery Kids 9. Ghost Writer 10. Wild In The Street 11. Encore Break 12. Night Of The Living Dead 13. Cool Down Boy 14. Encore Break 2 15. Walkin' The Dog 16. China

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