GILLAN - Mutually Assured Destruction, CD

GILLAN - Mutually Assured Destruction, CD

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November 1982 GILLAN had returned Scotland for the third time in 12 months to sell out concerts and this CD was recorded by Radio Clyde at Glasgow Apollo on 6th November 1982. As Mick Underwood recently recalled “Scotland was always great to us and we loved to play there”. The line up on this CD had just released their fifth studio album “Magic” and were promoting it on what would ultimately be their last ever tour. Bonus tracks recorded at Schwabinger Brau, Munich, GERMANY on 29th June 1981 Classic Rock live from a band much missed but never forgotten. MUSICIANS IAN GILLAN, JOHN McCOY, COLIN TOWNS, MICK UNDERWOOD, JANICK GERS Reviews ...if you're a fan of Gillan this is a fine snapshot of the band in what would be their last tour as Gillan went onto the reformed Deep Purple. All the tracks are here you'd expect including 'Trouble', 'M.A.D.', 'Smoke On The Water' and one of my personal fave Gillan songs 'No Laughing In Heaven'. Two bonus tracks as well - 'No Easy Way' and 'If You Believe Me'. As with any Angel Air release you get very informative sleeve notes (why can't all re-issues/rarities releases be this good?) from Jerry Bloom, editor of 'More Black Than Purple'. Jason Ritchie, (September 2005)

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