REDBONE - Potlach/Cycles/Message, 2-CD

REDBONE	- Potlach/Cycles/Message, 2-CD

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3 original albums on a 2 disc set Redbone were an LA based band formed in 1970 by native Americans Pat and Lolly Vegas,and were encouraged and promoted at the time by JIMI HENDRIX. Their biggest hit "Witch Queen From New Orleans" was taken from the album MESSAGE FROM A DRUM featured in this set and originally released in 1971. Released in 1977 the CYCLES album was the first to be credited to REDBONE featuring PAT & LOLLY VEGAS. POTLACH originally released in 1970 was the band’s second album. TRACKS: Message From A Drum,Niji Trance, The Sun Never Shines On The Lonely, Maxsplivitz,Emotions, Jerici,The Witch Queen Of New Orleans, When You Got Trouble, Perico,Fate, One Monkey, Cycles, Open (Give It Back To Me), Gamble (Take A Chance On Me), Ooh,Dancing Bones, Checkin It Out, Funky Silk, Dont Say No, Maggie, Light As A Feather, Who Can Say, Judgement Day, Without Reserevation, Chant 13th Hour, Alcatraz ,Drinkin And Blo, Bad News Aint No News At All, New Blue Sermonette

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