DICKEY BETTS - Pattern Disruptive, CD

DICKEY BETTS - Pattern Disruptive, CD

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DICKEY BETTS was one of the main men in the true legendary line-up of the ALLMAN BROTHERS. What makes this album extra special and unique is the members of his band at the time! Basically it’s GOV’T MULE, with WARREN HAYNES on lead rhythm and slide guitars, backup vocals and lead vocals on time to roll. On drums from the MULE, MATT ABTS, who also provides backup vocals on a couple of tracks. Another special guest on percussion, BUTCH TRUCKS. Ignored at the time of release (1988) this is now an essential purchase for fans of Southern Rock, Jam Bands, and followers of GOV’T MULE. Tracks: Rock Bottom, Stone Cold Heart, Time To Roll, The Blues Ain’t Nothin’, Heartbreak Line, Duanes Tune, Under the Guns of Love, C’Est La Vie, Far Cry, Loverman.

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